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Telesperience is a global communications and media analyst firm, headquartered in the UK, with a focus on how business models, technology and data impacts the operational and commercial performance of Communications Service Providers (CSPs), as well as the experience they deliver to their customers. Telesperience provides research and consultancy services to a range of industry players including CSPs, VCs, vendors and SIs. In addition to advising on B2C customer solutions, experience in other vertical markets helps the company counsel service providers that are exploring existing and emerging opportunities (e.g. M2M, OTT, verticalization, and partnerships) for both enterprises and Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) in key verticals such as advertising, media, retail, healthcare, automotive, education, financial/banking/insurance, energy, food, government, consumer goods, real estate, pharmaceuticals and biological sciences, and transportation/travel.


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Teresa Cottam - is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Telesperience, an independent telecoms industry analyst firm. She has more than 19 years’ experience in the industry and was previously an Associate Principal Analyst with UK-based telecoms consultancy Analysys Mason. Before that she headed up Research and Publications at Chorleywood Consulting, a specialist BSSOSS consultancy which was acquired by Informa Telecoms and Media. Prior to this she was Managing Editor at industry analysts Ovum. Teresa has authored numerous influential reports and trends papers during her career, is a regular speaker and chair at telecoms events, and is a judge at the Global Mobile Awards presented at Mobile World Congress. Teresa is passionate about helping CSPs optimise the value of their software and data, and strongly believes they will play an increasingly important role in helping CSPs differentiate their offering, operate profitably, and attract and retain customers. Teresa has extensive vertical market expertise, which she uses to help CSPs maximise their opportunities in diverse industry verticals. She has worked in The City of London in a financial services think tank, as an analyst and researcher in the media, retail, local government and manufacturing sectors, as well as a consultant in the manufacturing, food & beverages, healthcare, and education sectors.

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Darran Clements analyses the technology and competitive dynamics of the new economy. He has 20 years’ industry experience in the science and technology market of which nine have been in research at University College London (UCL) and six have been as a business development manager for companies including Leica Microsystems and Olympus UK. Darran specialises in business analysis, sales and marketing strategy, and in analysing the impact of new technologies, regulations and industry drivers. Darran looks at the opportunities for companies pursuing a green IT strategy and how this impacts on their sales and marketing. He has particularly strong domain knowledge in the biomedical sciences, higher education and scientific instrumentation sectors.You can follow Darran on twitter as @darranclem



Dr Therese Cory is an Associate Principal Analyst with Telesperience, a UK-based independent analyst firm specialising in telecoms software and data. At Telesperience Therese works on our primary research programmes across the BSS and OSS domains. Prior to Telesperience, Therese enjoyed a long and successful career as a telecoms and IT analyst, and is the author of a large number of well-respected reports, papers and articles. She has worked as an Associate Principal Analyst at both Analysys Research and Chorleywood Consulting, covering BSS and OSS topics, and has also written for Juniper Research, International Telecoms Intelligence, Sodan, MaceCorp, and Bloor. She is an affiliate of the British Computer Society and a fluent French speaker.


Ashley Bowen – as a co-founder of Telezoetic, a telecoms consultancy, Ashley has spent nearly 20 years in the telecoms sector, implementing billing and customer management solutions and has had senior roles with X-Tension Telecoms and Danet International, a global telecoms SI.


Working at the intersect of commercial departments and IT, he specialises in pragmatic solutions to ensure that organisations attain maximum lifetime benefit from their IT assets. He has a long track-record in systems selection, mergers & acquisitions evaluation, customer insight exploitation and pragmatic process development.


Recent assignments have been with Telefonica O2, Vodafone, Qtel and Wataniya.




Peter Bowen is an IT veteran, who works as an Associate Principal Analyst with Telesperience – sharing his real-life experience with our readers and conducting custom projects for our clients. Peter is currently working on the Telesperience policy control and charging service and also heads up consulting at BSSOSS specialists Telezoetic.
Peter has previously held senior roles with Chorleywood Consulting, Zetetic and EMC Consulting. His international assignments have taken him to over 40 countries and have included: billing audits, BSS/OSS system selection and implementation, due diligence for investments, evaluations for mergers & acquisitions, strategy development, data centre and IT transformation and Cloud service assessment and monetization. He works with business leaders to help them articulate and storyboard their vision, and with CIOs and their IT functions to bring about positive change.


Morgan ap Darran – Analyst
Morgan is responsible for the statistical analysis, mathematical models, scenarios and forecasts for Telesperience.
A digital native, he brings a fresh perspective to our team and writes about the needs, demands and views of the under 25 generation. He is particularly interested in how telecoms and IT are applied within the smart home and smart buildings, as well as the development of wider area, smart city environments.
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