The Cage: Is Comptel right to think context is the next big thing in analytics

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In this interview Telesperience Chief Strategist Teresa Cottam  asks Comptel's Matti Aksela about contextual analytics, Finnish chocolate and what makes data beautiful.


In this interview Teresa discusses with Matti Aksela the following:


  1. As analysis fatigue sets in, what's different about Comptel's offering?
  2. Does implementing analytics disrupt the day to day running of the enterprise?
  3. Another year, another disruptive technology. Why should we pay attention to contextual analytics?
  4. How do you get buy in?
  5. What's the business impact and what evidence is there of this?
  6. Ever come across any surprising findings?
  7. What piece of critical advice would you give to a CEO about what NOT to do when implementing analytics?
  8. The Comptel mission to take over the world via the mechanism of Finnish chocolate...


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