The Cage: How should CSPs tackle the SME opportunity?

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In this interview Telesperience Chief Strategist Teresa Cottam  asks MDS's Rob Smith about how CSPs should tackle the SME opportunity, including exploring the key differences between supporting a SME and large enterprise business.





In this interview Teresa discusses with Rob Smith the following:


  • Is SME really any different to enterprise?
  • What are the top three things operators need to get right in order to prevent commoditisation of SME?
  • What lessons should CSPs be mindful of from previous attempts to monetise the SME sector?
  • Can very small SMEs - microbusinesses - be treated like consumers? How should CSPs manage their SME business?
  • What are the key differentials between the business model for consumers v SME v large enterprise?
  • Is there any innovation in terms of BSS for the SME market? What innovations can CSPs offer here?
  • How do CSPs differentiate their SME offering and avoid commmoditising it? How do they do it profitably?
  • CSPs are looking at Cloud and Managed Services as a way to get to market quickly - is there any difference between these two approaches?


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