The Cage: Is Wifi a 'Necessary Evil' or a Great Opportunity?

Welcome to The Cage - a series of interviews where Telesperience questions key figures and thinkers from the telecoms industry. 10 minutes; no questions barred.


In this interview Telesperience Chief Strategist Teresa Cottam  asks Birdstep's CEO Lonnie Schilling about WiFi offload, and whether it's a 'necessary evil' or a great opportunity.



In this interview Teresa discusses with Lonnie Schilling the following:

  1. Is WiFi now a necessary evil?
  2. How would you advise carriers to approach their WiFi strategy?
  3. Have you experienced any regional differences in uptake or usage of WiFi?
  4. Everyone is talking about Big Data. What role does WiFi offload play in the the Big Data story?
  5. What 3 things should every CSP CEO be doing with regard to WiFi offload?

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